within 3-4 weeks of beginning NeuroAiD™, she began to get some feeling back in the left arm, which had been kind of "dead", as she calls it

Linda Moore (USA)

NeuroAiD managed to make him independent

María Teresa Serna (Colombia)

The NeuroAiD treatment has been very beneficial for my improvement

Remberto (Colombia)

NeuroAiD improved my quality of life

Irma (Argentina)

An improvement we see for the first time since she had stroke in 2016

Cristina Ángel (Mexico)

Her cognitive and motor improvements were quite impressive

Marcia (Chile)

Improving even after 6 years

Ana María (Mexico)

By the third week of taking NeuroAiD, we are already seeing very remarkable changes. He started walking again, started to talk, to feel, to remember some important things in his life

Ana Luz Burgos (Mexico)

It's been 4 months of her NeuroAiD treatment now. She has almost completely recovered her sight, speech as well as her memory.

Manuel Ibarra

muscle tone on the upper side of my body has been remarkable

Hezron Watindi (Kenya)