within a month the feeding tube was removed as she was able to eat again, two weeks later she could sit without any help

Wafa’s Mother (Israel)

within a month the feeding tube was removed as he was able to eat again. His leg is also starting moving!

W. Van Der Merwe (South Africa)

After ten days on NeuroAiD™ she started talking, repeating sentences, not only words. One month and half later she was able to walk with help

Alexandrina’s Mother (Romania)

I am now able to walk with a walking stick. I believe NeuroAiD™ has helped me a lot

Tom Schneider (USA)

After 5 months of regularly taking NeuroAid: She's able to walk alone now using stick, Her cognitive functions are improving much better

Cindy Salim’s Mother (Indonesia)

After 7 weeks he could lift his knee. Every week there was progress, his sitting balance became back, he could swallow again, and the left part of his sight came back

Elise Mulder-van Gulik (Netherlands)

After a month treatment, she could stand stable and stopped using the wheelchair, after a second month of treatment; she had recovered a lot of her body balance and strength: she could walk and climb the stairs

Mr Kong’s Wife (Singapore)

We started NeuroAiD on the first week of January. He started swallowing purees mid January, started eating solid food mid February, got back complete bladder control end of January, starting walking with a cane end of February, got his voice back but has been diagnosed with aphasia and all the feeling is back in his arm now although it is not strong enough to do anything with.

Nasreen Madhany (Canada)

After one week of treatment, he started to smile again, was more aware of people around him and was able to better recognize his dear ones. He progressively started to chat with nurses and to achieve simple orders such as give the hand, raise your arm or play with the ball (a globe with which he used to do heads). He began to use the remote control to flick through the TV channels alone (all these improvements happened during one month only).

Martha Duarte (Paraguay)

we decided to purchase a three month supply of Neuroaid. Dad has had to learn to walk again and we are still on the journey of regaining his speech. Under instruction from this family dad is able to do most things for himself now. He has some movement in his fingers and hand and this is a work in progress.

Kathy Roff’s Father (Australia)