After a month on NeuroAiD™, I could raise my arm at about head level; I have since completed three months of treatment and intend to extend the treatment beyond

Robert Franz (Canada)

After 3 days of taking the NeuroAiD treatment, he began to speak, clearly and in full sentences.

Stephanie Jerger (USA)

I feel I am overall getting incrementally better: walking is easier, I have fewer spasms, my mouth is less droopy and I can speak better, my mind is also clearer

Nelia Hernandez (Nevada, USA)

I took the treatment for three months which enabled me to partially move again my left wrist which was completely paralysed….What I can tell is that NeuroAiD had no side effects or interaction with the drugs I was taking: anticoagulant, anticonvulsion, antidepressant, and a few others

Olga Lucia Giorgi Gutierrez (Colombia)

After one and a half month of treatment taken in a regular dosage, we had already noticed the changes: almost complete recovery of the sensibility, the improvement of the perception, the concentration, the balance and the walking is now very fluid. She rarely uses her walking stick, not only because her muscles strengthened but also because her spasticity decreased.

Melissa Ortiz Lopez (Colombia)

He has been on NeuroAiD™ for one month now and has become stronger physically in that he can actually stand himself up.He speaks better, and he has amazingly improved cognitively and neurologically!

Joyce Barlow (Michigan, USA)

After the three months treatment we stopped NeuroAiD™ for a few weeks - at that point it became obvious the NeuroAiD™ had been reducing the spasticity in the right side and that the same spasticity was returning

Derrell Schooley (Kansas, USA)

A year of repetitions of actions has given him the ability to eat himself, wheel his chair around, punch his little brother, say many words (babbles a lot), write and stand up

Zain (South Africa)

Last month we decided to go for private physiotherapy and NeuroAiD™ and there have been slight improvements since, in movements and spasticity. It is a very small progress but nonetheless an encouraging one and we hope for more.

Kaniz (UK)

I believe it’s a miracle herb! No one can believe the difference on her, although there is no walking as yet, she is now moving her left leg which was very dense and expected nothing ever again

Carol’s Mother (Scotland)