Miguel Lopez (Mexico)

By May 10, 2019Testimonials

She has shown significant improvements in his recovery only in 5 weeks treated by NeuroAiD.

Miguel Lopez (Mexico)

How are you Roy?

I take the opportunity to greet you and also want to share through these interim changes that my Mom has had with NeuroAiD.

Her name is José and she is 84 years old and suffered a stroke in April 2014.

It affected the right side of her body, so she became motionless and also suffered speech loss, so 2 years later on December 2, she began to take NeuroAiD. Even after 5 weeks of treatment, I have seen some improvement as below.

* She is more awake and I can observe her more participative. Before the treatment, she was very depressed and spent the whole night sleeping.

* The therapist who helps her with her physiotherapies tells us that the right foot is firmer and can stand longer and be seated without losing balance.

* She starts to babble wanting to talk.

* As I mentioned, she is more proactive, trying to change her blouse, grab the spoon and want to eat it alone.

Waiting in God that at the end of three months we can see her much better and have the opportunity to share how much NeuroAiD helped my Mom to recover her health.

Greetings and many thanks.