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Elvia Otarola (Costa Rica)

By September 13, 2011January 19th, 2018America, Hemorrhagic Stroke, More than 6 months, Motor, Testimonials

positive results in 2 weeks. The heaviness in his leg had significantly decreased, and the pain in the arm and leg were lower than before

Elvia Otarola (Costa Rica)

The husband of Mrs. Elvia started the treatment with NeuroAiD™ one year and five months after an hemorrhagic stroke, and has since significantly improved his motor functions, particularly in improving his gross motor skills, physical strength, and reducing spasticity. The testimonial provides a detailed description of the progress in his recovery at the end of the first month of treatment.

“My husband Greivin had an hemorrhagic stroke in November 2009, at the age of 43 years old, which affected the right part of his body, he was unable to walk for two months until he started with the rehabilitation which lasted one month with different exercises that allowed him to scroll down a bit with the help of a staff and a orthopaedic splint to stabilize his leg.

Earlier this year looking for a drug to make more rapid recovery I looked for a solution and my attention was caught by NeuroAiD™ and the testimonies of people, so I started researching more about this product. I got in touch with NeuroAiD™ and we bought 1 month of treatment and saw positive results in 2 weeks. The heaviness in his leg had significantly decreased, and the pain in the arm and leg were lower than before.

The NeuroAiD™ team is very professional in sending the medications so do not be afraid to order the drug in case you ever need it. I thank NeuroAiD™ for all the support they provide, they take it very seriously. Wishing you good health, blessings.”