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I ordered NeuroAiD for a 1 month trial and before the month was up, I was walking without my quad cane. Then we ordered two more months so we would have the recommended amount. Now I walk into church, the massage school and the beauty shop. I was able to walk up the aisle for both my granddaughter's wedding in July and my husband's funeral in February as a result of using NeuroAiD

Jeanne Rochford (Florida, USA)

So far, my husband's vision in his left eye is about 30% improved - and it continues to get minutely better ever few days.

Sandra Miller (Colorado, USA)

He discovered NeuroAiD and he has used it for about six months. Even though his stroke is quite old, there was a result. His mind is clear and his cognitive skills have returned. He can move his left arm, squeeze his left hand lightly and touch his nose with effort. His facial distortions have disappeared and he is walking better with improved balance and self confidence.

Leo Ladehoff’s son (Indiana, USA)

I started seeing small progress after the 1st week and it was awesome. Richard is more active, smiling and what can I say his voice got stronger and it feels like his normal voice.

Nelba de la Garza’s husband (Texas, USA)

After 3 days of taking the NeuroAiD treatment, he began to speak, clearly and in full sentences.

Stephanie Jerger (USA)

I feel I am overall getting incrementally better: walking is easier, I have fewer spasms, my mouth is less droopy and I can speak better, my mind is also clearer

Nelia Hernandez (Nevada, USA)

He has been on NeuroAiD™ for one month now and has become stronger physically in that he can actually stand himself up.He speaks better, and he has amazingly improved cognitively and neurologically!

Joyce Barlow (Michigan, USA)

After the three months treatment we stopped NeuroAiD™ for a few weeks - at that point it became obvious the NeuroAiD™ had been reducing the spasticity in the right side and that the same spasticity was returning

Derrell Schooley (Kansas, USA)

I am now able to walk with a walking stick. I believe NeuroAiD™ has helped me a lot

Tom Schneider (USA)

I started a three months treatment on NeuroAiD™ a month after the stroke, and I feel I am much more alert and my memory is improving.

Carl Livermon (USA)