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My Hand and arm are very stiff before but after Ive been taking this its really better...


I was able to walk after 2 years of having stroke!

Rohan Mullin (USA)

After three weeks of using NeuroAiD™, one of the nurses asked me to give her more information about the medicine because she noticed some changes in my father that she can only think that it comes from using the medicine. My father was more active and more awake than he used to be.

Jessica Pensut (Florida, USA)

I am reporting to you a few new things that I have noticed after taking NeuroAiD™ for the first month: 1. I can hold and carry my bag on my left shoulder for longer than before; (as it used to fall down to my wrist)...

Monika (USA)

there was an amazing recovery as to the drooling, swallowing food within two weeks after starting the NeuroAiD™ treatment. We used NeuroAiD™ for 8 months. Now he is able to walk with cane, able to speak and make himself understood

Sreedevi Menon (USA)

At the end of the first month of taking the treatment, I could understand people on the phone a little better. The second month of taking it, my speech was a little clearer with less mistakes when speaking.

Karen Fry (USA)

exactly three weeks after starting the treatment I noticed an improvement in the speech of my wife, and later in conjunction with the physical therapy she started to walk

Ruben Gonzalez (Miami, Florida, USA)

NeuroAiD has greatly surpassed my expectations. Within the first month I could see results. By month two, I was being asked by my speech therapist to know exactly what I was using, so she could recommend this to others. The therapist could not believe the difference the herbs made-paired with the same about of therapy.

Kurt Stiles (Minnesota, USA)

I started the product (NeuroAiD) at six months - post stroke. I have regained about 90% of my abilities back

Suzanne M. Fisher (Sacramento, California, USA)

I had a better speech process with NeuroAiD because after the stroke my speech was slurry but now it has improved

Sergo Mesidor (New York, USA)