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I started the pills earlier, and then started therapy and I went into therapy for my evaluation, I told him my hand…the girls who put my brace on at night had told me that my hand was getting better, it was more flexible, easier to move it.

Diane Cayce (California, USA)

within 3-4 weeks of beginning NeuroAiD™, she began to get some feeling back in the left arm, which had been kind of "dead", as she calls it

Linda Moore (USA)

I am on my way to total recovery. My sight and speech has returned to normal. The motor functions on my right side is alright and my writing ability has improved considerably.

Prince Alpha Dominion (U.S.A.)

I still have hope I will regain all mobility with continued therapy and Neuroaid!

Ann Haumschild (U.S.A.)

I have a subtle increase in strength and in range of motion in those areas since I have been taking NeuroAiD™.

Mr. Huel Clements (USA)

She feels very different like she has been transformed

Mrs. Pamela Shijenje (USA)

Since I started my second month I have noticed a significant change

Mary Papoulis (USA)

Her speech has improved and her cognitive thinking is better

Darcy Hewitt (USA)

Now I can hold light things in my weak arm before I could not hold anything

Mrs. Alina Jones (USA)

My balance is greatly improved, I am back to riding a motorcycle

Mr. Dick Howard (USA)