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The other day I visited him with Dad, he's on the front door to get his medicine and he can already walking leaning on one side straight with a stronger knee.

Claire Igoe (Wife) (United Kingdom)

My balance is also greatly improved, I am back to riding a motorcycle

Mr. Dick Howard (United Kingdom)

I now, just over one year later, am walking with the aid of a single cane which at times I am able to discard. I can go up and down stairs, albeit just using my right hand to hold the stair rail so I come down backwards.

Brian Cross (UK)

He now understands most of everything we say and responds accordingly

Shirley Harjani (UK)

What price can you put on having your life back.

Mr. Michael Smart (UK)

I have witnessed mum before she went on NeuroAiD, I witnessed mum when she stopped taking NeuroAiD and then when she went back on it and without any doubt, NeuroAiD definitely contributes to mum’s quality of life.

Mary Wronko (UK)

Last month we decided to go for private physiotherapy and NeuroAiD™ and there have been slight improvements since, in movements and spasticity. It is a very small progress but nonetheless an encouraging one and we hope for more.

Kaniz (UK)

During the three months following her discharge she began to weight bear again, and has now progressed to walking on a zimmer frame. The hoist is no longer used, and only one carer required. All have commented how much stronger she is now. As this improvement only happened since taking NeuroAiD™

Mark Andrews (UK)