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South Africa

After four weeks of treatment, I experienced wonders. Greater improvement is taking place. I am able to bend my left toe of which I could not before. I have improved in speed also. I am walking far much better than before even though I am still limping.

Getrude Taukobong (Rustenburg, South Africa)

For the first time in almost three years, I have been able use a bathtub because my ankle, knee and hip joints which were stiff have loosened

Bernard Kazia (Zambia, South Africa)

A year of repetitions of actions has given him the ability to eat himself, wheel his chair around, punch his little brother, say many words (babbles a lot), write and stand up

Zain (South Africa)

within a month the feeding tube was removed as he was able to eat again. His leg is also starting moving!

W. Van Der Merwe (South Africa)