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3 years after his stroke Elias began with NeuroAiD.

Mrs. Maria del Carmen Ruiz Leija (Mexico)

She is more awake and more participative.

Miguel Lopez (Mexico)

We are very happy to have found NeuroAiD

Jaqueline Gobetti (Mexico)

He can walk alone without help.

Sergio (Mexico)

She improved within 3 months.

Mario Jiménez’ (Mexico)

The Neurologist Doctor started giving him NeuroAiD.

Luis F Morales

My brother’s condition has improved significantly.

Brenda Portales (Mexico)

Significant progress after treatment.

Belem Martínez (Mexico)

An improvement we see for the first time since she had stroke in 2016

Cristina Ángel (Mexico)

Improving even after 6 years

Ana María (Mexico)