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This is after a few days we have seen the beneficial effects NeuroAiD™. He's doing very well 'recovery accelerator' function. My mother after three days was a softer voice, the brain is more responsive, it got better concentration. Then his leg started to move a little

Mlle D. (France)

I decided to put her on NeuroAiD™ treatment for three months. As she was able to notice some improvements in the coordination of movements of her fingers (she was able to put a thread in a sewing needle!)

Galina Pashova (France)

After two months: Since the beginning of this treatment, my brother has made a lot of progress. He started walking, his speech is improving and now he begins to move his fingers. It's great!

Florence (France)

We are convinced that NeuroAiD™ has played a part in her recovery. The physical therapists that are following her are all amazed at how fast she is recovering.

Marc Marandon (France)

By the end of the first three months treatment, my face was less droopy and my voice went back to normal

Jacqueline Guntert (France)

After 3 months he could drive again, speak normally and walk safely, though slowly. We can say that, today, my father recovered 90% of his abilities thanks to NeuroAiD™!

Nathalie Chevalier ‘s father (France)