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Stroke improvements even after 2 years.

Cristina Martínez (Colombia)

He improved after one year

Luz Marina Martínez (Colombia)

She started emitting words, colors and numbers

She got improvement even after 15 years.

Marina Guerrero (Colombia)

Samuel had totally lost his speech, but now he started with mono-syllables as YES-NO and today he can pronounce longer words like MOM AND DAD.

Lady Liana Sierra (Colombia)

He had never shown an improvement like now

Ana Lucia Patiño (Colombia)

NeuroAiD managed to make him independent

María Teresa Serna (Colombia)

The NeuroAiD treatment has been very beneficial for my improvement

Remberto (Colombia)

We started the treatment on 26th November 2010 following the recommended dosage. We started to notice some positive improvements. although there were not very significant at the beginning. They started to accentuate more throughout the treatment: the spasticity was reduced, the sense of orientation increased as well as speaking and movement capability at the end of the first month of treatment.

Liliana Castaño Muñoz (Colombia)

I took the treatment for three months which enabled me to partially move again my left wrist which was completely paralysed….What I can tell is that NeuroAiD had no side effects or interaction with the drugs I was taking: anticoagulant, anticonvulsion, antidepressant, and a few others

Olga Lucia Giorgi Gutierrez (Colombia)