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Behind the scenes of a Caregiver

By Blog, Caregiving

Caregiving is one of the most difficult jobs you may ever have. Even nurses and doctors have difficulty with very sick patients, but it is far more complicated when the one you are caring for is a loved one. You may find that your loved one resents you helping them, is embarrassed because of their inability to take care of themselves, and denial of the severity of their symptoms. It can make you feel ways that you would never feel about your loved one before. For instance, if your loved one has had a stroke, you may be the only caregiver they have. Caregiving is a stressful job, and it is important for you to get away from that stress for a time. It isn’t wrong to need a break from the constant demands of your loved one. If you have close family, you can ask someone else to help out while you take a break. If not, nursing homes have a special program called respite care. This means that you loved one will stay in the facility for a short time while you recuperate. You than pick them up and take them back home. It is important to find…

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