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I'm able to lift my right arms already.

Valerie Hammond (Canada)

With this product which I personally experienced has a very slow recovery time, but it has improved my mobility a lot compared to how I was a few months ago. I am still not yet fully recovered, but this product has done a lot of improvement in me.

Cassiano D’Souza (Canada)

During first month of taking NeuroAiD™, she has experienced improvement in her walking with her post stroke affected leg, and was feeling some sensations in her affected right arm and fingers. Her speech got much better and clear, and her thinking process got clearer. I have to mention that her motivation and commitment to improve in her post stroke recovery has increased, too.

Gjorgji Nikoloski (Canada)

After a month on NeuroAiD™, I could raise my arm at about head level; I have since completed three months of treatment and intend to extend the treatment beyond

Robert Franz (Canada)

We started NeuroAiD on the first week of January. He started swallowing purees mid January, started eating solid food mid February, got back complete bladder control end of January, starting walking with a cane end of February, got his voice back but has been diagnosed with aphasia and all the feeling is back in his arm now although it is not strong enough to do anything with.

Nasreen Madhany (Canada)