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Improvement after 10 months

Mr. Severino's wife was able to start NeuroAiD™ treatment ten months after suffering from a stroke. Since then, she has had a significant recovery mainly in her strength, stability, as well as her mobility. The testimonial mentions details of her progress after one year of physical therapy and a full course treatment with NeuroAiD™. We hope you find this testimonial helpful and also encourage you to share your experiences with NeuroAiD ™.   My wife Laura suffered a stroke when we were on vacation in the United States. She was immediately taken to the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston where she remained for a month. She was then admitted to the Spaulding Rehabilitation Center in Boston for 30 days where she received the required therapies. After that we returned to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, and by then my wife could not walk, her left side was totally paralyzed. Desperate, I researched on the internet for treatments and I found the NeuroAiD™ page. Together with her physical therapies, we began the NeuroAiD™ treatment (10 months after suffering from a stroke). Today after a year, my wife can walk up and down the stairs without help, her left arm is quite mobile,...
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What is NeuroAiD™II?

NeuroAiD™II contains 9 herbal extracts that have undergone extensive research and development to enhance recovery for post-stroke rehabilitation and improve your quality of life.

NeuroAiD™II is an add on therapy for post-stroke rehabilitation*

These extracts found in NeuroAiD™II have been demonstrated to boost processes that control brain-body functions4, helping post-stroke patients undergoing rehabilitation achieve greater improvements in their daily activities5.

How to take NeuroAiD™II?

2 capsules, 3 times a day orally*
Recommended for a 3-month period*

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