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Ischemic Stroke

3 years after his stroke Elias began with NeuroAiD.

Mrs. Maria del Carmen Ruiz Leija (Mexico)

The Neurologist Doctor started giving him NeuroAiD.

Luis F Morales

It's been 4 months of her NeuroAiD treatment now. She has almost completely recovered her sight, speech as well as her memory.

Manuel Ibarra

She is able to stretch out her fingers and form a fist, something that took her almost two years to do the first time.

Chrispa (Uganda)

We as a family have noticed significant improvements in her cognition, memory and motor function.

Daryll Boyce (Australia)

I began to notice quickly, two to three weeks. But the product is very good. Actually I love the product: no contraindications, does not hurt anything, it's great.

Dr. Eduardo A. Pérez Scauso (Argentina)

Doug has made great progress in all areas, regaining his mobility using a walking stick, he can eat, dress and perform some helpful tasks around the home i.e. he put together a wind-up hose reel, can have conversations with people and they comment on how much he has improved with his clarity.

Doug Cheers (Australia)

My Dad is doing well after completing his second month dose of NeuroAiD™. His memory is amazingly back, he can recall what he was doing before the stroke, he asks what happened to him, and how did he come from his village to the city. He recognises people and asks them relevant questions.

Florence Kata (Uganda)

Less than a month after using NeuroAiD™, my father speech has improved incredibly; also, his mobility has evolved a lot from that. With help, he walks a little, he is able to eat by himself and they already withdrew its gastric tube. In addition, now he is capable of writing with clear letter, his memory has improved.

Alejandro Tarín Villamar (Mexico)

I had a better speech process with NeuroAiD because after the stroke my speech was slurry but now it has improved

Sergo Mesidor (New York, USA)