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Hemorrhagic Stroke

Stroke improvements even after 2 years.

Cristina Martínez (Colombia)

My mother was taking NeuroAiD after a year

Mario Peraic (Australia)

We are very happy to have found NeuroAiD

Maria (UK)

She got improvement even after 15 years.

Marina Guerrero (Colombia)

My balance has improved greatly and I am back to riding a motorcycle.

Dick Howard (United Kingdom)

Significant progress after treatment.

Belem Martínez (Mexico)

positive results in 2 weeks. The heaviness in his leg had significantly decreased, and the pain in the arm and leg were lower than before

Elvia Otarola (Costa Rica)

After 3 months he could drive again, speak normally and walk safely, though slowly. We can say that, today, my father recovered 90% of his abilities thanks to NeuroAiD™!

Nathalie Chevalier ‘s father (France)

I feel I am overall getting incrementally better: walking is easier, I have fewer spasms, my mouth is less droopy and I can speak better, my mind is also clearer

Nelia Hernandez (Nevada, USA)

After one and a half month of treatment taken in a regular dosage, we had already noticed the changes: almost complete recovery of the sensibility, the improvement of the perception, the concentration, the balance and the walking is now very fluid. She rarely uses her walking stick, not only because her muscles strengthened but also because her spasticity decreased.

Melissa Ortiz Lopez (Colombia)