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Stroke improvements even after 2 years.

Cristina Martínez (Colombia)

3 years after his stroke Elias began with NeuroAiD.

Mrs. Maria del Carmen Ruiz Leija (Mexico)

My mother was taking NeuroAiD after a year

Mario Peraic (Australia)

We are very happy to have found NeuroAiD

Maria (UK)

She got improvement even after 15 years.

Marina Guerrero (Colombia)

The Neurologist Doctor started giving him NeuroAiD.

Luis F Morales

It's been 4 months of her NeuroAiD treatment now. She has almost completely recovered her sight, speech as well as her memory.

Manuel Ibarra

She is able to stretch out her fingers and form a fist, something that took her almost two years to do the first time.

Chrispa (Uganda)

My balance has improved greatly and I am back to riding a motorcycle.

Dick Howard (United Kingdom)

Significant progress after treatment.

Belem Martínez (Mexico)