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Asia Pacific

My mother was taking NeuroAiD after a year

Mario Peraic (Australia)

Since she began taking it in December, the change is obvious.

Willis (Thailand)

We as a family have noticed significant improvements in her cognition, memory and motor function.

Daryll Boyce (Australia)

I lost the use of my left side which meant the use of my arm and ability to walk. I have been using Neuroaid since May 2nd and I am already seeing improvement

Rohan Mullin (Australia)

his balance appears to be improved when he walks in his walker

Rosemary Stephenson (Australia)

Thank goodness he is a determined 74yr old. So grateful to have found you on the internet. Who knows where we would be right now without your help.

Mrs. Suzie Ceccon (Australia)

After, could be 2 weeks or 3 weeks next month? We started to see difference. She got now feelings in her right leg. Her hands still not much there but I’m putting a ball in her and then now she’s holding the ball before she used to drop it

Francis Spagnol (Australia)

Doug has made great progress in all areas, regaining his mobility using a walking stick, he can eat, dress and perform some helpful tasks around the home i.e. he put together a wind-up hose reel, can have conversations with people and they comment on how much he has improved with his clarity.

Doug Cheers (Australia)

Enid has made significant and measurable progress with her speech since commencing this medication

Peter Crane (Australia)

Before he was semiconscious, me and my siblings just cried over our father's condition...but now he is sitting, eating well with his right hand( he had right hemiplegia) turning from side to side on his own, speaking well to us, fully oriented, laughing and telling jokes with his grandchildren

Nurhiya Asaha (Philippines)