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Africa and Middle East

She is able to stretch out her fingers and form a fist, something that took her almost two years to do the first time.

Chrispa (Uganda)

My vision has improved substantially

Mackenzie Walker (Mauritius)

muscle tone on the upper side of my body has been remarkable

Hezron Watindi (Kenya)

He began to engage in small discussions as never before. It was a hilarious moment for the family

Chidi Anunam (Nigeria)

I am very very happy with the state of my health.

Mr. Prince Alpha Dominion (Nigeria)

After the stroke, my dad could not sit by himself, could not stand, could not walk, his mouth was bent and his speech was blurred. He muddled up things when he talks, most of time incoherent. By the time he started taking NeuroAiD™ he starting looking stronger, more coherent and by he started sitting for the first time.

Ijeoma Osah-Uku (Nigeria)

My Dad is doing well after completing his second month dose of NeuroAiD™. His memory is amazingly back, he can recall what he was doing before the stroke, he asks what happened to him, and how did he come from his village to the city. He recognises people and asks them relevant questions.

Florence Kata (Uganda)

After four weeks of treatment, I experienced wonders. Greater improvement is taking place. I am able to bend my left toe of which I could not before. I have improved in speed also. I am walking far much better than before even though I am still limping.

Getrude Taukobong (Rustenburg, South Africa)

For the first time in almost three years, I have been able use a bathtub because my ankle, knee and hip joints which were stiff have loosened

Bernard Kazia (Zambia, South Africa)

My walking is improving by the day; NeuroAiD™ gives me strength and energy.

Rosemary Ishie (Kaduna, Nigeria), 54 years old