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Less than 6 months

She started emitting words, colors and numbers

Before using NeuroAiD, I could hardly speak.

Félix Williams (Panama)

He was stiff and could not move his head or limbs

Inés Ospino

It's been 4 months of her NeuroAiD treatment now. She has almost completely recovered her sight, speech as well as her memory.

Manuel Ibarra

My brother’s condition has improved significantly.

Brenda Portales (Mexico)

My vision has improved substantially

Mackenzie Walker (Mauritius)

I lost the use of my left side which meant the use of my arm and ability to walk. I have been using Neuroaid since May 2nd and I am already seeing improvement

Rohan Mullin (Australia)

I still have hope I will regain all mobility with continued therapy and Neuroaid!

Ann Haumschild (U.S.A.)

his balance appears to be improved when he walks in his walker

Rosemary Stephenson (Australia)

I have a subtle increase in strength and in range of motion in those areas since I have been taking NeuroAiD™.

Mr. Huel Clements (USA)