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My balance has improved greatly and I am back to riding a motorcycle.

Dick Howard (United Kingdom)

Within a year, he is able to walk and speak well again

Luis Moreno (Panama)

My brother’s condition has improved significantly.

Brenda Portales (Mexico)

Significant progress after treatment.

Belem Martínez (Mexico)

We as a family have noticed significant improvements in her cognition, memory and motor function.

Daryll Boyce (Australia)

within 3-4 weeks of beginning NeuroAiD™, she began to get some feeling back in the left arm, which had been kind of "dead", as she calls it

Linda Moore (USA)

after a year, my wife can walk, climb stairs without assistance, her left arm is quite mobile, and her hand begins to show movements of their fingers

Severino Tarrazo (Dominican Republic)

positive results in 2 weeks. The heaviness in his leg had significantly decreased, and the pain in the arm and leg were lower than before

Elvia Otarola (Costa Rica)

I ordered NeuroAiD for a 1 month trial and before the month was up, I was walking without my quad cane. Then we ordered two more months so we would have the recommended amount. Now I walk into church, the massage school and the beauty shop. I was able to walk up the aisle for both my granddaughter's wedding in July and my husband's funeral in February as a result of using NeuroAiD

Jeanne Rochford (Florida, USA)

My motor functions have improved, I can walk unassisted when at home, I can open and close my palm although I still lack a bit of strength; Overall I am more independent in my daily activities

Mrs. Tay (Singapore)