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Saiful Najaib

Thanks to NeuroAID my son Elías has had great improvements since his accident more than 3 years ago.

Mrs. Maria del Carmen Ruiz Leija (Mexico)

It has been wonderful and I would like to share among stroke patients

Carolina Alvarado (Chile)

We as a family have noticed significant improvements in her cognition, memory and motor function.

Daryll Boyce (Australia)

She has shown significant improvements in his recovery only in 5 weeks treated by NeuroAiD.

Miguel Lopez (Mexico)

Samuel had totally lost his speech, but now he started with mono-syllables as YES-NO and today he can pronounce longer words like MOM AND DAD.

Lady Liana Sierra (Colombia)

He had never shown an improvement like now

Ana Lucia Patiño (Colombia)

I started the pills earlier, and then started therapy and I went into therapy for my evaluation, I told him my hand…the girls who put my brace on at night had told me that my hand was getting better, it was more flexible, easier to move it.

Diane Cayce (California, USA)

within 3-4 weeks of beginning NeuroAiD™, she began to get some feeling back in the left arm, which had been kind of "dead", as she calls it

Linda Moore (USA)

NeuroAiD managed to make him independent

María Teresa Serna (Colombia)

The NeuroAiD treatment has been very beneficial for my improvement

Remberto (Colombia)