NeuroAiD™ Survey Report

We at Moleac are genuinely concerned about people’s well-being, and are committed to manufacturing the best possible products to improve patients’ health. To ensure safety and efficacy for a variety of conditions, NeuroAiD™ has been thoroughly tested and continues to be tested in clinical trials. To date 16 international medical journals have published trial results on NeuroAiD, this represents studies on over 2000 patients establishing safety and efficacy of Neuroaid treatment on various treatment conditions and different time window treatment.

Two common questions that people pose are about the safety and clinical efficacy of NeuroAiD™. In a dedicated effort to provide quality products and service, we continuously survey our customers and monitor their recovery progress through a variety of tools such as customer surveys and the Stroke Recovery Coach. The graphs below shows the results of a recent survey with patients who purchased NeuroAiD™ for at least one month (inclusive) of treatment between January 1st, 2012 and June 15th 2013. Customers were emailed an online questionnaire in three different languages—English, French, and Spanish. We received 161 answers, which formed the basis for the charts below. We would like to share these insights with you.

Tolerance to NeuroAiD™

NeuroAiD™ is based on natural components with no known drug interaction, several studies have proven that NeuroAiD™ is safe to use. Our customer report supports the findings of these clinical studies: 95% of patients have reported no side effects when taking NeuroAiD™.

Side effects that were reported were mild and usually in the form of digestive discomfort (due to the high herbal concentration), allergy, or headache.

Efficacy of NeuroAiD™

Many factors can affect the results of NeuroAiD™ treatment, including age of the patient, diverse nature of strokes, and the degree of rehabilitation intensity that patients undergo. Accordingly, although results vary from patient to patient, 71% of patients saw an overall improvement after taking NeuroAiD™.

The reported efficacy tends to be better in patients who have suffered a recent stroke.

The take home message

We are pleased to note that reported tolerability and efficacy are similar to results reported in published clinical studies and previous NeuroAiD™ customer surveys. We would like to stress that its effect depends on patient characteristics and the nature of the stroke and rehabilitation routine. Around 71% of customers have reported improvement, while approximately 29% have not noticed improvement while on NeuroAiD™ (this includes people who may not have completed the full three months treatment). 2 out of 3 respondents indicated that they would recommend someone in their situation to take NeuroAiD™.