After a Stroke

NeuroAiD, the treatment for stroke patients

NeuroAiD (MLC 601) is a natural medicine indicated for post-stroke rehabilitation. NeuroAiD offers a new solution to support stroke sufferers in achieving better neurological and functional recovery.

During stroke recovery, you will be relearning and regaining skills to be as independent as possible. Since your potential to recover will diminish over time, the earlier the right rehabilitation program is initiated, the greater chance you have to recover lost functions.

If you start taking NeuroAiD

  • Less than six months after the stroke onset:

    During this favorable period for recovery, most patients achieve visible progress each month. Clinical trials established that patients taking NeuroAiD achieved a significantly better recovery:

    Recovering independence:Patients taking NeuroAiD more than double their chances to (~65% increase in odds of achieving functional independence at 3 months) compared with patients not taking NeuroAiD.

    Reducing disabilities:Patients treated with NeuroAiD recover on average 70% of their motor deficits versus 43% for patients not treated with NeuroAiD. Patients with visual deficits such as homonymous hemianopsia have also shown to recover a further 12% of their visual field on average.

    To ensure best results, NeuroAiD should be taken together with intense physical therapy.

  • Six months after the stroke onset and beyond:

    By this time, many patients may feel left to cope with very slow progress, if any. Yet, experience has shown that adding NeuroAiD to the patients’ rehabilitation program can still provide significant improvement and relief.

    Many patients tried NeuroAiD more than six months after their stroke and reported reduced spasticity and significant improvement in their motor skills, speech, walking, and vision after completing the treatment.

  • Stroke prevention and other neurological diseases:

    Both in vitro and animal testing indicated a prolongation of the life span of neurons against natural aging and further protection against external events. It has also been shown that the surviving neurons are stronger and healthier. A pre-clinical study on traumatic brain injury indicated interesting properties of NeuroAiD in this pathology.

    Other preliminary studies have been evaluating NeuroAiD’s potential in slowing down cognitive decline, including Alzheimer’s disease and other neurodegenerative diseases.

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