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NeuroAiD™ (MLC 601) is a medicine indicated for post-stroke rehabilitation. It is to be taken by stroke patients for faster and better recovery from the loss of motor, cognitive, and sensory neurological functions, as well as for regaining independence.


The NeuroAiD™ stroke treatment capsule is a proprietary blend of ingredients from the Chinese Pharmacopoeia selected from consistent sources and extracted in a standardized proprietary manufacturing process with strict quality and GMP compliance

NeuroAiD™ is a natural medicine made of fourteen herbal and animal components, carefully selected for their efficacy and absence of major side effects. Each NeuroAiD™ capsule weighs 0.4 grams and contains extracts from the following main raw materials:

Latin Name (Common Name) Qty* (mg)
Radix Astragali (Root of Membranous Milkvetch) 570 mg
Radix Salviae Miltiorrhizae (Red Sage Root) 114 mg
Radix Paeoniae Rubra (Red Peony Root) 114 mg
Radix Polygalae (Rhizome of Chuhanxiong Ligusticum) 114 mg
Radix Angelicae Sinensis (Chinese Angelica) 114 mg
*In every NeuroAiD™ box


Recommended dosage per course of treatment is to take four capsules three times a day for four weeks (ten boxes of thirty-six capsules each).

The first results are usually observed as early as three to five weeks after treatment initiation and in most cases before two months and we recommend three courses of the one-month treatment taken without interruption to achieve best results.

NeuroAiD™ has a very safe profile; therefore, patients who feel they continue to improve after three months can continue taking it for up to six months or longer.

NeuroAiD™ is most effective when taken daily during the treatment. If you happen to forget to take your NeuroAiD™ capsules once, there’s no need to double up on NeuroAiD™ capsules the next time—just take the next capsules at your usual time. We recommend that you take your NeuroAiD™ capsules as part of a regular routine, as it will support more effective results.

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