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Molac markets Neuroaid for stroke recovery

Moleac develops best-in-class therapeutics, from East to West, combining a modern clinical approach and the latest biotechnologies. Our development model allows focused investment to quickly bring new medicines into mainstream standards, and within a few years, meet the needs of those who suffer.

We aim to pioneer the development of drugs that extend the benefits of traditional Chinese therapies into mainstream western medicine, to reach millions of patients suffering from neurological, cardio-vascular and aging conditions. Since setting up in 2003, Moleac’s research has focused on identifying and clinically validating innovative drugs and devices in China, to be developed and marketed outside China.

Moleac started by in-licensing promising marketed Traditional Chinese Medicine products and today leads clinical trials . Our company has a highly experienced and dedicated scientific and management team. We bring together the world's top scientists in traditional medicines, molecular biology and pharmacology, to carry out our research and development. Our management comprises senior executives and seasoned entrepreneurs experienced in taking drug development from laboratory to market. They bring with them extensive experience in business and product development, project management, operations,  IT, legal, licensing and intellectual property patents.

We have established partnerships with leading research institutes in Europe, China and Singapore. This has enabled us to identify therapeutics with excellent potentials in both worlds; and our multi-disciplinary and multi-continent team with its capabilities and credentials, is key to successfully drive these opportunities.

Our first product NeuroAiD™, is now marketed in more than 50 countries and continues to undergo clinical trials to extend its indications. We are also implementing further research on identifying underlying mechanisms of actions.


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Moleac receives BioSpectrum Asia Emerging Company of the Year 2010 Award.

Moleac announces breakthrough results on neuroprotective and neurogenerative properties of NeuroAiD™

Launch of NeuroAiD™ in Lebanon, Jordan, Indonesia


Moleac receives the Award of Singapore Entrepreneurial Company of the Year by Frost and Sullivan.

Creation of new offices in Paris to support Moleac’s European expansion; they are located in Biopark, a new born research and scientific complex to enhance scientific innovation in human health.

Launch of NeuroAiD™ in Iran, Pakistan, Thailand


Moleac incorporates European subsidiary to implement name patient

basis program and prepare registration of NeuroAiD™ by 2011/2012.

Launch of NeuroAiD™ in Philippines, Malaysia, Irak

Moleac completes a USD 3.5m financing round to support its development


International registration gained for NeuroAiD™: Thailand, Malaysia,

Philippines, Lebanon

Set up of NeuroAiD™ platform to facilitate access to the medicine

Set up of NeuroAiD™ webplatform to widen access to NeuroAiD™

Initiation of CHIMES trial to measure the efficacy of NeuroAiD™ when initiated

at the acute stage of stroke (completion in 2009)

Initiation of TIERS a pilot trial to gain better understanding on the impact of NeuroAiD™ on the different component of rehabilitation


Launch of NeuroAiD™ in Singapore

Signature of exclusive partnership with China Health Care group of clinics


Gained market approval in Singapore and in South Africa for the marketing

of stroke drug

Successful trials for smoking cessation therapy, redesign of device

In Licensing agreement with Beijing Oncology School on promising PMT therapy (hot flashes), and oncology treatment


TCM derived Drugs, Products and Devices

Established exclusive in-licensing agreements from China for a credible

drug pipeline with short time to market

Long term partnership aimed at building clinical evidence in the West and supporting sales development outside of China

Leading Key Opinion Leaders on board

Clinical trials in place in Europe

First clinical trials for TCM derived drugs involving leading Key Opinion Leaders in Europe


Moleac was set up in Singapore.

Formation of Scientific Advisory Board comprising the world's leading

experts in acupuncture, pharmacology and molecular biology.

Strong global management team assembled.

Formed alliances with top research institutes and hospitals in China and Singapore.

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